One thing i need to know...

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One thing i need to know...

Post by Blademaster on Wed Apr 27, 2011 3:52 pm

... okay so for the test version will it have the tower defense elements already added in? also how are you gonna blend a game like minecraft and the tower defense genre together, im really excited for it!!!!! pig

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Re: One thing i need to know...

Post by Slaihne on Thu Apr 28, 2011 12:52 pm

Hi Blade,

The basic premise will be that you are colonising a planet. The planet is filled with indiginous life that wants to destroy any technology you build.

So you build a power generator to make your life easier. Well the critters are going to home in on that power generator and try to destroy it. So now you got to build gun turrets to defend your stuff. But gun turrets are technology so you've got a bigger footprint which will attract more and bigger nasties.

So you will need to constantly balance the amount of technology you build with your defences. And also organise your defences well. If you don't then you will end up getting all your stuff destroyed.

And no, the tech-test will not have any turrets or game play in it. It will only be for testing the engine initially but will eventually become a pure sandbox building version.

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