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Post by Slaihne Fri Mar 18, 2011 6:57 am

Just a heads up to let you know what is happening with some sort of release of Block Engine.

Block Engine will be the engine for a game i am making. The game will have various modes including a sand-box mode for anyone just wishing to build, but the main game mode will have a tower defense feel to it.

The basic premise is that you are colonising a planet and to do this you need to build certain devices. But, there are beings that don't want you to succeed and they will be drawn to technology and attempt to destroy it. Therefore you need to build defences which take the form of gun turrets of different types.

I have most of the engine complete and initially want to release it as a Tech-test to a small number of folks. This initial Tech-test will require an internet connection to run and will report some information back to myself for debugging and testing purposes. It will also be very limited in what you can do.

Once the Tech-test is working adequately i will release a sandbox only version of the game. It will have the following limitations...

Build with a limited selection of blocks (around 10)
Limited world size
No flowing water, Lava or fire. (there will be sea water though)
No enemies or creatures

It will be basically a version that folks can use to build basic structures and to mess about with.

The Tech-Test should begin some time before the end of April 2011.

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